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Short-Term Rental Notice

The Town of West Bend has received multiple inquiries regarding residential homes being rented out on sites such as Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway.  Based upon these inquires, the Town of West Bend decided to issue this abbreviated reminder on short-term rental requirements.

If a resident is renting their home out as a “Short-Term Rental”, please be aware that in 2017 the state legislature passed a law allowing for short-term rentals of single-family homes under Chapter 66.0615, providing a Wisconsin State Tourist Rooming House License has been secured by the property owner.  The law further establishes requirements for short-term rentals by which local governments may regulate such uses.

In accordance with local government authority, the Town of West Bend passed Ordinance 2019-01 which requires a Short-Term Rental License, along with a valid State of Wisconsin Tourist Rooming House License.  Ordinance 2019-01 further requires residential dwellings are not allowed to rent for less than 7 consecutive days and not to exceed 29 consecutive days.  Recreational vehicles, campers, tents, boats, or other temporary lodging arrangements are not permitted to increase accommodations for paying guest.  Guests and property owners are further subject to the Town of West Bend applicable noise and nuisance regulations where violations and penalties will be applied to both, per occurrence.

If you should have questions regarding the short-term rentals in the Town of West Bend, please contact Town Clerk Julie Ihlenfeld at 262-388-3417.