Burning in the Town: BEFORE YOU BURN Check the DNR website. Shall not burn in unsafe burning conditions. Must call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Department that services your area. Burning of branches, brush, leaves, garden waste, and weeds is permitted (no toxic waste). Must attend fire. Means a physical presence with means to extinguish. No accelerants.  50' from occupied dwellings, wood structure, streets, alleys, property lines. The Town will seek reimbursement of the $850.00 cost of false alarms produced by improper notification. CHECK CURRENT FIRE SITUATION on the Wisconsin DNR websitehttps://apps.dnr.wi.gov/wisburn/#/BurnRestrictions CALL WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE & FIRE DEPARTMENT THAT SERVICES YOUR AREA Washington County Sheriff”s Office (262) 335-4378 Town Fire Departments Allenton Non emergency – (262) 629-5413 Slinger Non emergency – (262) 644-5331 West Bend Non emergency – (262) 335-5054 BE SAFE!  

Commercial Use оf Residential Parcels/Structures

The Town of West Bend has received numerous complaints pertaining to residential zoned properties that possibly could be in zoning violation. 

As a reminder and notice to residents, the commercial use of residential properties and structures is prohibited in the Town of West Bend.  Examples of violations include running a business out of a home or garage, making property available as a wedding or reception site, and offering space on a dock or pier for rent or lease. If you have any questions regarding your parcel zoning or whether a given use is permissible on your property, please contact Town Clerk / Zoning Secretary Julie Ihlenfeld at the town hall 262-338-3417.