Town Code


Ordinance adopted at the May 14, 2024 Town Board Meeting

Ordinance 2024-01 Alcohol Licensing Ordinance

Proposed Ordinances & Regulations

Private Road Ordinance Proposed

Ordinance 2023-05 Alcohol License Update

Alcohol License Policy

Town of Eagle zoning code enforcement procedure

2023 Newly Enacted Resolutions and Ordinances

Ordinance 2023-04 Amending Zoning Regulations Outdoor Storage as Accessory Use B-1

Ordinance 2023-03 Amending Zoning Regulations Vehicle Sales Service M-1

Ordinance 2023-02 Ordinance Relating to Creating and Adopting a Pet Waste Ordinance

2022 Newly Enacted Resolutions and Ordinances

Ordinance 2022-05 Short-Term Rental Ordinance

Ordinance 2022-06 Proposed Room Tax Ordinance

Ordinance 2022-07 An Ordinance Adopting an Updated Comprehensive Plan

Resolution 2022-02 Authorizing Signatures for Certain Disbursement for Withdrawals

Resolution 2022-05 Updating the Returned Check Fee for Insufficient Funds

Resolution 2022-06 Updating the Refund Policy for Overpayment of Taxes

Resolution 2022-08 Authorizing the Town of West Bend to Become Member Municipality of the Mid-Moraine Municipal Court

Ordinance 2022-04 Creating and Adopting Mid-Moraine Municipal Court


Short Term Rental License Application

Ordinance 2021-03 Parking Citations

Ordinance 2021-02 Public Nuisances

Ordinance 2021-01 Use of Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons

Ordinance 2020-04 Golf Carts

Ordinance 2020-03 All-Terrain Vehicles

Ordinance 13.161 Regulating Commercial Activities On Town Lakes

Ordinance 2019-04 Disbursement Procedure

Ordinance 2018-07 No Parking

Illicit Discharge Ordinance 2017-05

Call the Town Hall at (262) 338-3417 to report Illicit Discharge and Pollution concerns.

We partnered with Respect our Waters to provide more education on stormwater pollution prevention and to help raise awareness on how to better control this.  Please visit their site for some great information and tips.

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Town Right-Of-Way Ownership Containing Roads

Many residents are aware of the right-of-way ownership the town has for property containing our roads. We want to clarify for those unaware! The town owns from the centerline of a town road a given distance as determined by the road's designation. The town roads are designated by the width of the road measured in rods. A 3 rod road with a width of 49 and 6 inches has a 24 foot 9 inch right-of-way.  A 4 rod 66 foot width road has a right of way of 33 feet on each side from the centerline.

Within the right-of-way there are a number of facts the bordering property owner should know. Most importantly the property is owned by and controlled by the town. It can be used for roads and other maintenance including widening the roads during snow removal.

Limitations and requirements within the right-of-way include the prohibiting of building of fences or any type of structure, concrete driveway approaches within the right of way and /or landscaping.  Many residents plant grass or landscape to the roads edge.  if damage occurs to any of the above in the process of snowplowing or maintenance, it is not the town's responsibility to replace or replant etc. encroachments or obstructions in the road right- of- way is strictly prohibited per municipal code section 8.02.


Please be advised it is unlawful for any person to plow, shovel or otherwise deposit or place snow on the maintained portion of the public road within the town, or to permit such depositing of snow from property occupied or owned by you!  This is municipal ordinance 8.04. Any person will be cited.

No person shall park, place or leave standing any automobile, truck or other vehicle on any street or public way during snow plowing operations.  The town board declares that an emergency exists during and following a snow storm until the snow from the storm has been removed.  This is municipal ordinance 7.05 (3) (a).

Any vehicle is going to be cited! The DPW has police powers now so parking tickets will be placed on windshields of vehicles that are in violation of the parking during snow storms.  If municipal citation is not paid this will go to the DOT as an unpaid ticket.